Winter Solstice….

It’s the winter solstice…..the days of least light….the shortest days of the year…. so still, so quiet…. the white snow contrasting with the neutral hues of the cold season….This is the Little River….not so little… it is a main waterway for the Reservation….today ducks wait under the bridge for the lady with the camera on the scooter in hopes she will throw them some food….. there is still some food around but now is the time to use the foraging skills learned in the summer….now is the need to hunt…..some of the hardest days of survival…..

Only the remnants of plants, leafless trees, dried grasses remain….dim memories of lush green food, algae floating on the ponds, fish leaping up the rivers…. How do they survive?…. If you look closely…listen…maybe you will hear the call of the geese … the scratchy cry of the heron… or the quick movement of the winter hare…. there is a lot of life here now … you just have to look with different eyes… for as the season turns the darkest…. it begins to gain light… underneath the ground the new plants are slowly starting to form…. the buds are beginning to form on the tips of branches…and the creatures look for survival….e


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