Surprise… a new inhabitant arrives…

tuftedpair   As  many times as you visit the Alewife Reservation … it will never look the same twice…. perhaps a quiet bush pops some berries… or a swan pair swims in an unusual spot with cyngets following…. you just never know…

But today we spotted what seemed to be a new species…swimming the Little River … close to the mallard/ wood ducks and geese but keeping to themselves… striking with enormous ‘crowns’ yet tiny, this pair caught our eyes quickly…. I am not a ‘birder’ although I love birds and photograph them often… so I consulted with Ellen Mass (President of the Friends of Alewife Reservation) website
Ellen is a fountain of information on many topics, keeps a close eye on the Reservations inhabitants and is in touch with many experts for the more complicated issues….

She told me immediately that these are hooded merganser ducks…
quite commonly seen in the winter… She is checking with the Menotomy Bird Group to see if there is anything unusual about this pair… meanwhile if you would like more detailed information about this common American duck which is quite extraordinary in its look and life style…there is a lot of information at the Cornell birding website….
an extraordinary site for information about many wild birds…
Meanwhile I will update you on this pair…


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