About my falling in love with Alewife Reservation….

fatherheronnearbydandelionfeathered copygooselookingback copybecause that’s exactly what it is… love…. with no regard for the return of that love…I am head over heels…you might think I spent my life as a tree-hugger…. though I have some of those traits… my physical limits and interest limits kept me from camping, hiking, climbing and other pursuits of the nature-lovers that I know….

After moving to this neighborhood in North Cambridge (Massachusetts)…. I set out on my scooter (love) with my camera (love!)… to see what I could and photograph it….there are other more manicured green spots in this area…. but the wildness (read unruly unpredictability) of this piece of land drew me back season after season…. I kept seeing more truth… more reality… less beautification… there…. No one was luring me to like it or take photographs of it… it was there for its own purposes…. and I saw something I hadn’t seen before… nature… closer to the core of nature than I had ever felt… as though the very molecules of my being rearranged in its presence… as I synchronized with this magic land so rare in the midst of a city… I never left there the same as I went there… well you might say that’s always true… but the change was drastic, magical and otherwordly… as though all the toxins in my being evaporated.. transforming into some kind of nourishment for all of it, including me….. is that love?…. so I think… closer to love than I’ve ever known…

Can I show you?…I’m going to try…

there's a swan.. Can you spot a great blue heron?.....

there’s a swan..
Can you spot a great blue heron?…..


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