…times are changing…..

sunbathingturtle….many apologies to anyone reading this blog… with the best of intentions to not leave it for long as I have in the past… I’ve done it again….
…on March 6, 2014…so much changed… we found 3 dead geese in one area of the stormwater wetlands…our newest area.. There were no signs of predators…they were full grown large geese with few predators… they were lined in a row, and looked as though they all died in the same moment… the water was oily, greasy and full of what’s called ‘floatables’ in the pollution vernacular… means what you put in your toilet or your garbage disposal….although water pollution was not a new problem for the Reservation…this kind of water was…. of course we wondered if the pollutants had killed them….

we took photos, couldn’t get necropsies… a week later we found an opposum in the other end of the wetlands… no blood or sign of predators…lying face down in the water… then another swan, a meadow vole, a merganser duck, 3 carp in one spot in the stream bed….

Heartbroken over these unexplained deaths and horrible water…. I began to visit the Reservation more often, take photos, keep records and we began to deal with the government agencies…. to get them to test or help or work on it….

my wandering was over… purposeful and focussed…scared of losing what I had come to love so…heartbroken and angry… so this blog is changing.. it will become my story of a habitat failing….animalinwaterwetlands




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