…what seemed like the beginning…

heronwithfishforebay6-30-14deadbirdaccessroad6-20-14 copyfemalemerganswerlittleriversleeepingbaretreesspringcreek….I think about writing here and I don’t know where to start now….. when I began this blog there were so many stories to tell, animals to meet, adventures to share …. if only I had shared more so you might feel the depth of love for this urban wild that I have felt and feel today….

It is devastating to see it decline…. to see ignored and overrun by the city and likely greed for money and control…. in the first post in About…. I wrote of the edge of the wild meeting the edge of the civilized….that we needed to learn to live together…..to accommodate one another….. and now I feel so naive…. to think that anything so without voice or an enormous bank account or political power could possibly survive the machine that is taking increasing control of this country……


and yet there is something in me that knows that in the end…. when all the pain and destruction are done… it is the earth that will rise again….without humans…. free to be the pure green home that was given to us…. that we have abused so badly….that we no longer deserve to be a part of it….

I’m sorry beyond words for what I just wrote… but I will stay with nature as long as my breath allows…there is nothing special about me…. I’m human and guilty as well… but my heart is with nature…it is so certain to me…so I will stay.. and will try to tell the story with a human voice….


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