….a bit of pollution history…..

froggreenbronze7-14 heron-goose-turtle5-2-14 dovewetlandswalking herongrayscratchingBack to March 6, 2014, we were able to enter the stormwater wetland area of the reservation after months of walkways too difficult to manuever….a challenging winter….  and there we found the bodies of 3 adult geese, all in a kind of row, who seemed to have died at about the same time….. no signs of predation… the only predator for Canada geese that live on the reservation is likely coyote… but for even several to catch one is difficult….3 would be impossible… and they would have eaten them…..

It was a shocking sight…. of course animals die in habitats… often they will never be found as they hide if sick or fall sick or injured in the vast unseen areas…..

The city refused to do necropsies but the water was so greasy and filled with sewage that basic water tests were done…… the only notable result …. oil and grease…. no chemicals were tested…

A week later we found a deceased possum in a water ditch area… same circumstances….

Since then we have seen another Canada goose, a merganser duck, a swan, meadow vole, 3 carp in the same place, and 3 birds, not in the water….

For awhile I felt caught between my need to be at the reservation and see how things were and my fear of finding another animal….. many days my hands would shake…. what to do with this dark assault of …. we didn’t know what…

At the board’s request I began to keep a photographic page.  As we found the animals the spring was arriving and we found the water pollution as well….. several days a week I record both and post them….. as we worked to get city or responsible private companies to help with testing….

This blog is about the experience and process …. no one is named, there is no intention to get anyone into trouble…. my hope is that our experience will help other habitats or water areas to deal with similar problems as I know they must exist in this complicated world…

I am giving you the link to the ‘pollution’ page… it is updated not quite as frequently, but still active…the situation continues and the need for it does as well….  next post I’ll speak to this new area that perhaps is part of the problem  http://www.flickr.com/photos/120571205@N06


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