Resting after hunt

You are about to ‘meet’ this beautiful bird… and many other wild creatures as well as an abundance of plants,trees … laid out by Nature’s hand … between a busy
highway and office buildings… There are many spots like this… and perhaps by getting to know the spot that I love, you can find it, too…whether it be Alewife Reservation or another habitat… What you will find on this journey is the coming together of wild and urban…a very important meeting…upon which all of our survival depends…
For as we build more and more on wild lands we are coming to meet the inhabitants…we will share close spaces and need to learn how to live together… Can we live together?… Or must we destroy one to promote the other? …If we don’t live together, what will happen to life as we know it?… May that question float gently on your mind as you experience the amazing Alewife Reservation…..

As we will be wandering the Reservation… be sure to check the website of the volunteers who do so much to support and help this  magical place and its inhabitants….. there you’ll find the maps and events, news and updates…..http://www.friendsofalewifereservation.org/


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